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Companies and individuals are signing up for Internet access in record numbers. According to recent surveys, about 10 million people regularly surf the Internet daily and more are signing on every day.

The opportunity to effectively utilize the Internet to gain a competitive marketing advantage exists for businesses by offering their services and products to a wide customer base on the Internet. The biggest problem for business will be designing an effective web site to take advantage of this new medium. This can be a difficult task for most people and impossible for others.

The Internet is changing our lives. These changes are not readily apparent in most cases, but examining the trends, it is easy to forecast where we are headed. Today's generation of children think of the Internet the way most of us think of television. I grew up with television as a part of my every day life. The Children of today are using the Internet dynamically in their every day lives.

What can your business do to take advantage of the Internet? Will you ignore it and hope that it goes away? This approach does not work. A few years ago, the appearance of the FAX machine was just beginning. Most companies today couldn't imagine running any business without the FAX machine. Soon the Internet will be even more popular than the FAX. The impact of the Internet will soon demand that your company CAN do business on the Web. Imagine trying to run a business without a phone- soon the Internet will
be just as vital.

Don't be left out of the Internet Information Age. Prepare today. Browse our site, and then let us help your business on this rapidly expanding media. We can help your company do business- on the net.

Hire a professional!

Remember, you can only make a first impression once. You don't get a second chance. Your website will be an example of your companies overall appearance. An amateurish web site or an out of the box first attempt may not convey the message that you wanted to put out to you clients.

It pays to work with a professional. Someone who can guide you through the development process from start to finish. Shop Alberta and our Web Development staff are here to provide you with expertise in these areas. We understand the complexities of The Internet and the challenges of providing an effective message to the consumer. Our skilled staff of trained professionals can guide you though the process of getting your company started on the Internet. Whether you are designing your new site from scratch or updating an existing web site, Shop Alberta Web Development can provide you with the results you desire.

What can a web presence do for my company?

A properly designed page will compliment your current advertising, and will give you increased market place for distribution of your companies information. In general terms, a web site will make it easier to promote what you do to a larger market.

What type of web presence does my company need?

The Web is the great equalizer. An effectively designed web site can make small companies look large. (there are no small companies on the web) Your site size will be determined by how much information you want to provide your customers. Be careful however of information overload! Give your customers enough information so they can make an informed decision. The key is to provide your information and services to the consumer in an appealing way and to offer something that keeps them coming back to your site, whether it is new information or products. Combining an effective advertising campaign and an attractive, informative web site can greatly increase the business you are doing.

Great design needs great site storage/hosting. The best design in the world gets you nowhere if you can't get to it. Shop Alberta is a Premier Internet Service Provider (ISP) offering our customers the fastest, most reliable unrestricted access to the entire Internet & World Wide Web all for less than our competitor's charge.
We offer a more varied line of services and better quality service than our competitors for less cost.

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