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Disclaimer For Ownership of Code

Shopping carts and database systems are designed to be used on our secure server. Any modifications to the basic shopping cart or database system will involve additional development costs, as does the need to add the ability to calculate separate taxes for more than one province, or the need for complex shipping calculations. Basic changes to the original design may be requested by client prior to final design approval at a minimal additional charge. Further changes requested after the initial development stage are billable at $75/hour. 

1119610 ALBERTA Inc. reserves the right to place a discrete credit/link to itself at the bottom of all pages. 1119610 ALBERTA Inc.  retains the copyright on all programming work. The working product is to be used on one single web site which will be purchased and or provided by 1119610 ALBERTA Inc. 

Copying and utilization of shopping cart and database system CGI scripts, in whole or in part, on more than one site is specifically prohibited. 

Database development.

All database code development such as Cold Fusion or ASP Code generated for any purpose by 1119610 ALBERTA Inc. remains the property of 1119610 ALBERTA Inc. The client is allowed to use this produced code at the discretion of 1119610 ALBERTA Inc. for the term of one year. 

Remember you are only using our code you do not own it! If you are interested in purchasing the rights to this code you may contact us at