Can I Register a Domain Name by Myself?

The answer is Yes and No, depending on whether you have the proper expertise and equipment. The rules and format for domain registration are quite specific and certainly complex in all their permutations. With enough attention you could learn the procedures by yourself. However, the main stumbling block to registering for most people is the requirement that you must have name server computers set up to respond to the domain name for routing. InterNIC says "before you can register a domain name, you must enter the domain name information into your own server." This refers to the Domain Name Servers (DNS) located all over the Internet which perform the translation back and forth between domain names and their numeric equivalents, called IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. Without this equipment and capability, which are normally the province of commercial service providers, the domain name will not be registered.

Shop Alberta has name servers ( DNS) as part of the registration service. This is discussed further in the section on Our Service

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