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We launched this service as a place to register a domain and be able to sign up for continuing services. As we all know, if you choose the wrong Provider, you could be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars unnecessarily. Through Shop Alberta and I Don't Know Computer Services you can register your important domain name(s) online now, without having to commit prematurely to any Internet service.

  • Setting up on the Internet takes time and planning. New and existing businesses need to guarantee their domain names before putting their Internet business plans in operation. Through Shop Alberta and I Don't Know Computer Services you can register your preferred name now and not worry about someone else taking it before you are ready.

  • Whatever your reasons ( and there are many) for wanting to officially register your "address" on the Internet, Shop Alberta and I Don't Know Computer Services can offer you the best service at a reasonable price and with an ongoing comittment.

To Register an Internet Domain Name here, you simply
Check Name Availability and fill out our easy Signup Sheet:

  • You are provided with the two (or more) Domain Name Servers (DNS) required by InterNIC for a successful registration. Your Name Service is maintained for a minimum of One Year. (see information NOTE below)
  • Your application is forwarded to InterNIC in the exact format they require, and its progress is monitored as it is received and awaits processing.
  • Finally, you are notified when the domain name is approved and registered, you receive a notification of registration and other essential information for your records.The entire process usually takes from a few days to a week to complete. At the end of this time you will have your domain name(s) officially registered and in your control.

    NOTE ON DOMAIN NAME SERVERS: Once an application is received by InterNIC, a response check is made before the name is officially released onto the Internet. InterNIC queries the two (or more) computers that run the name serving software (together they are called name servers) to see whether the name servers are responding to the domain name, and whether the appropriate domain records have been installed on them. Only after passing this test is the domain name formally registered and released. Failing this, InterNIC will place the domain name on hold, and the registration can not be considered complete.

    Shop Alberta arranges to setup an IP (Internet Protocol) address for the name servers. We will keep the address active for at least one year as part of the registration service (does not include active site hosting unless requested in advance). During this time you should be able to complete plans to have your site published on the Web.

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