Can I Register More Than One Domain Name?

Many large companies, particularly in the communications and entertainment industries hold registrations for many domain names covering various trademarks, trade names, or simply variants on their company names. In general, however, InterNIC discourages you from registering more than one name. They prefer that you use extra names as subdomains to your existing registered name. Here is what they say:

"If the domain name is for an organization that already has a domain name registered, describe the purpose of this domain and why the additional name is needed. Indicate why existing names cannot be used or why the proposed second-level name cannot be used as a third-level name under a domain name that is already registered."

Thus, InterNIC requires a lot of explaining before considering any multiple registrations.

However, different organizations using the same physical location often register multiple domain names. Therefore, If you would like to register domain names for several different organizations, even if they share the same physical address, InterNIC should accept them. In that case we will be more than happy to help you.

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