What Rules Determine the Form of Domain Names?

A Domain name has two parts, with the "top level" domain indicating the broad category of an organization. For example, names ending in .COM are assigned by InterNIC to commercial, for-profit organizations; names ending in .ORG are assigned to miscellaneous, usually non-profit organizations. There are other top levels reserved for networks, government agencies and universities, but InterNET CROSSROADS LTD. only registers in the .COM and .ORG categories.

"Second level" domains represent your specific name, i.e.:

yourname .com

  • The total length of the two-part domain name may be up to 26 characters (including the .com).
  • The only characters allowed in a domain name are letters, digits (numerals) and the dash (-).
  • A domain name can not begin or end with a dash.
    Correct examples:
    your-name .com
    yourname2000 .com
    Incorrect examples:
    -yourname .com
    yourcompanynameistoolong .com

  • Capitalization (lower or upper cases) is ignored.

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