Moving an Existing Domain

(aka "changing authority")

If you already have a domain registered and in use with another service provider, but you want to move to Shop Alberta and I Don't Know Computer Services, you can switch the authority on your domain.

Because the InterNIC cannot change domain records with notice from an unauthorized source, either the Technical or Administrative Contact from the current domain registration records must contact the InterNIC with a request to switch.

Often users report that their service providers claim that domains cannot be transferred once they are established. This is simply not true. Although there is a specific process that must be followed, moving authority for domains from one service provider to another is a relatively quick and painless operation.

Switching Domain Questions

How can I move a domain from another service ?

One of the existing domain authorities will need to file a request with the InterNIC to have the domain authority switched. This is not a complicated process, and your current service provider (or whoever handles your domain's technical services) should be able to take care of this for you.

I don't currently run a web site under my domain name, but would like to in the future. How can I do this?

As long as you have the domain name, you can set up hosting so that the site is accessed by a URL with that name. This is known as "virtual hosting". For rates:

There are additional setup and monthly costs for this service, but if you would like to use it, contact us at webmaster@shopalberta.comfor more information on virtual hosting.

My current host for web pages allows me to use my domain name, but I have to put "/~mydomain" at the end or else the host's web site comes up. Is that the way your service works too?

No. You can use that if you need to maintain a consistent URL, but we can do full virtual hosting so that no following directory names are required.

You may then go directly to:
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