What is a Domain Name?

A domain name represents your "address" on the Internet. It is a written phrase that contains several components separated by a period ("dot").

  • Each name includes a "Top level" domain which specifies the broad category of an organization. Names ending in .COM are assigned to commercial, for-profit organizations, while names ending in .ORG are assigned to miscellaneous, usually non-profit organizations.
  • "Second level" domains represent your specific identity, as in
  • In an e-mail address, the domain name follows the @ symbol, so that John or Jane Smith's address at this company might be:
  • Internet computers that track and locate each domain name actually use numeric addresses (eg. , so that within the system each domain name has a numeric equivalent. You don't have to worry about this since Domain Name Servers (DNS) take care of the matching. However, this is the reason why InterNIC requires functioning DNS before they will register a name.
  • If you need information about registering a ".ca" or "" Check here

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